Klank magazine publishes article on Irish box playing

vp0Klank magazine ( is a Dutch magazine catered to accordeon and concertina players in The Netherlands and Belgium. Four times a year they produce a great magazine with various articles ranging from interviews, repair tips, accounts of interesting events and much much more.

In the second issue of 2016 they published an autobiographic article on my first ventures into taking up the Irish button-accordion. In it I write about how I became inspired to take up C#/D button-accordeon playing and how I went to Ireland to obtain my box. I hope it will inspire others who ever had the wish to play the box – but haven’t done so – to start your journey as well!

We hope to organise an Irish button-accordeon workshop in 2017 – if you are interested in this, please contact!

The magazine ‘Klank’ is a must for any accordeon or concertina player, be sure to check Klank out at Klank’s website.

Stay tuned for more articles on Irish (button)-accordeon players in future editions of Klank!