The goal of Irishtradmusic.nl is the promotion of quality Irish traditional music in the Netherlands. More specifically, we would like to:

  • Invite top performers to the Netherlands and organise intimate Irish traditional music concerts.
  • Strive to keep the price of concert tickets at a maximum of €15.
  • Organise music workshops, with tutors from Ireland, for people interested in learning the art of playing traditional Irish music.


Organising cultural events like the above requires both hard work and financial means. By creating this page, we hope to be able to develop a community of enthusiastic Irish traditional music aficionados who are willing to support the above goals.

What you can do to support us, are, for example

  • Let others know about this site.
  • Attend the organized events.
  • Become a contributor
  • Become a sponsor.


12080396_10153658562658118_467058579401297422_oMy name is Martin van Hensbergen. I became interested in Irish dancing after watching the famous Riverdance interval performance during the Eurovision Song Festival in 1994. I started Irish dancing in 2000 coincidentally at the same time that my parents went to live in Ireland. My journey into Irish traditional music had begun.

In 2007, two musicians I had never heard of before – Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill – gave a very intimate, acoustic concert in De Waag in Leiden. This was a defining moment in my life: at that moment I decided I needed to delve deeper into this music and I even started taking Irish fiddle classes.

I began to listen to all kinds of different music within the genre; different instruments (fiddle, concertina, accordion, voice, etc.), different regions  and styles (Sligo, Donegal, Clare, Sliabh Luachra), and different musicians (Tommy Peoples, Martin Hayes, Padraig O’Keeffe, Matt Cranitch, Jackie Daly, Seamus Creagh, Junior Crehan, Bobby Casey, Kevin Burke, Paddy Canny, Denis Murphy, to name but a few) . I came to appreciate the enormous diversity that is Irish traditional music.

Now, I feel the time is right to promote this wonderful music hence this website!